I’m sure you’ll enjoy a selection of questions, which over the years, I’ve most often been asked. The most frequent ones can be found below:


1) Do the dogs dance to the music according to the song?

No, during a dog dancing performance the dog responds to voice commands and sometimes gestures of the handler, which are spoken softly or hidden in the choreography so that the spectators usually don't notice them. So the dog reacts to the handler, not the music. If that’s how things appear to you, then you have undoubtedly seen a successful performance, because that’s how the final impression should be :-)

2) Have you simply been lucky to always get good dogs...?

No, I haven’t. I know how to train them. If at least two of my dogs were put in the hands of dog handlers who were incapable of training them correctly, they would most likely never get results. Conversely, I’ve often seen excellent dogs whose careers have suffered because a less talented trainer has passed on his shortcomings to the dog. A good trainer can prepare almost any dog for a competition or examination. But, of course, to be absolute top dog the four-legged competitor must have something extra.

3) My dog could never do that!

Yes, he could! For pleasure any dog is capable of learning various tricks. If something isn’t working out for you, give it some thought, and look for the problem inside yourself. Maybe the dog can’t understand your training. Maybe you can’t motivate the dog enough. Maybe you’re advancing too quickly. If you still haven’t changed anything, you can’t expect your dog to willingly follow your commands. The most important is to teach your dog to learn. You mustn’t underestimate this step or it will bring you to a halt later.

4) Surely you must have to train several hours a day?!

If I trained for several hours every day I’d probably wear out the dogs too quickly. Every trainer has different methods. I train my dogs according to their needs, but never anything more than a few minutes twice a day. In the eventuality that I don’t have time I might even sometimes not train at all for a few straight weeks. Dogs have a good memory and they won’t forget those exercises firmly implanted inside them.

5) Don’t Chihuahuas only yap and can’t be trained?!

Chihuahuas are dogs like any other and, therefore, their owners should be able to work with them. The fact that they’re about the size of a slipper doesn’t mean that they can only do what they want or can’t be trained just because they’re “cute and tiny”. Owners of the miniature creatures often underestimate their pet’s social skills, and from there springs the reputation of Chihuahuas as tiny rabid aggressors. In other words, Chihuahuas can most certainly be trained!

6) Do you use a clicker?

I understand the clicker system, I’ve learnt about them, and I’ve got nothing against them. But I don’t use one...