I was invited to Brno (second biggest city in CZ) at Brněnské psí dny /BDP/ - the festival of dogsports. During this weekend many visitors could see various sports with dogs - agility, dogfrisbee, canicross and trcik dogging, which I was judged. Moreover, I had here dogdance demo with Brandy. The video is HERE.


First round from Dogdance & agility summer camp is over. The trainer  for agility was great Barbora Šťouračová (Czech champion 2009) and for dogdance  Katka Veinlich and me. Around 30 people gathered for a week in the beautiful countryside near the Krkonoše Mountains and here we could fully practice and experience many great moments with friends and our dogs. This camp was full of unforgettable experiences and I hope that the participants enjoyed it as much as I!

AGILITY PHOTOGALLERY                                                                      DOGDANCE PHOTOGALLERY


Rumors say that there is one very danger and bloodthirsty dog....Meet Daisy aka The killer !! :-D


The commercial spot for GE MOney Bank with Brandy is HERE !!!



We organized a dogdance workshop weekend in Stará Paka. There was a lot of fun despite the weather at the end of May was very cold. Some courageous  participants even slept in tents and they survived :-). On Sunday, after a long time, I tried with Brandy protection training - video is HERE . And here is PHOTOGALLERY from the workshop.


Aww, four months without updating....It's a shame, I know !!! :-) So let's catch up quickly :

In March I attended the International Freestyle competition at the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, UK.
Brandy and I had the honor to represent our country, the Czech Republic. Our new "TV routine" was not flawless, but the audience were amused so I´m happy with this fact. I know that dogdance is subjective discipline, but on the other hand, I've been doing this sport  many years.... Even with the undervaluation from one of the judges we placed at a nice 8th place.

- Thedogdance team  for Open European Championship in Bant, NL is now, after two qualifying rounds, complete and it´s my pleasure to announce that Brandy will be take place in both HTM & Freestyle divisions and little Daisy the chihuahua is nominated in Freestyle. Complete Czech team  :

Heelwork to Music :                            

Vanda Gregorová & All that Brandy Gentle Mate, Australian Shepherd     

Simona Drabkova & Frederica Alary Aslar, Dobermann

Daniela Siskova & Aurora Piranha Rainy Love, BOC

Alena Smolikova & Action Jerry Malina Gang, BOC

Freestyle :

Vanda Gregorová & All that Brandy Gentle Mate, Australian Shepherd

Vanda Gregorová & Anuska Vejvoda Dechristie, Chihuahua

Lucie Smolíkova & A White Head Tender Flash, BOC

Daniela Siskova & Aurora Piranha Rainy Love, BOC

At the end of March, I  was invited to Bolek Polivka's Theathre in Prague, where take place the awards " Dogman of the Year" .What glory, I was nominated with three dogs. With Brandy we won the category Dogdancing at this prestigious highlights event second year in a row! And my little chihuahua Roxy placed 2nd !!! Thanks for the votes !

- April 21th - Today Daisy got her cup for the title  Master of Dogdancing Freestyle. Bacause she passed all three Freestyle progress awards  levels on Excellent.

- 1st Italian Open in Ossona (MI)

What a hard week for us! On Saturday Brandy made a TV commercial spot for GE Money Bank and immediately  after filming we got into the car and drove 1000 km to Italy... On Sunday was held here the very first Italian Open ! My shining star Brandy won Class 3 and got the prize !!! And Daisy placed 3rd also in Class 3. After the competition I stayed in Milan for leading two days-long dogdance workshop and I met a lot of nice people here with some very talented dogs. Hope to see you soon on the dancing carpet :)

5th May : International Dog Show in Prague & Dogdance competition here --- Brandy is qualified for International Heelwork to Music Freestyle Competition at Crufts 2014 ! But I do not know if I want to go.....

And video of my youngest pack member, Litchi : Video Litchi in Fun Class


- Brandy as a sledge dog ! Funny winter video, starring Brandy and her friend, Australian Kelpie Angie. Click HERE !

In Prague was held the first qualification round for Open European Championship 2013. I started with Daisy in Freestyle and with Brandy in both HTM & Freestyle divisions. My girls worked very well and I was pleased with the results - Brandy won HTM and  Freestyle too ! And little Daisy placed 2nd in Freestyle ! What a brilliant day for me and my dogs!



On Sunday was held Fun dogdance competition called "Christmas present". The condition was X-mas theme and one gift for antoher competitor, who had to put under the X-mas tree and at the end of the competition each took one gift from someone other. I was judging 30 routines together with Petra Malá and Lucie Smolíková. Some routine ideas was very funny and we had during judging a lot of fun :-)   The photogallery is HERE


- before the competition were dogdance exams. I have passed with Daisy Freestyle 3, the highest exam in this division. And Daisy passed F3 on Excellent ! It means that she got Master of Dofdancing Freestyle ( MoD F ) title now ! It was also the first time for Litchi. She passed Freestyle 1 on the highest possible score ! Clever girl ...


One day dogdance workshop in Brezolupy. I was teaching small group of very nice people with some very talented dogs. I´m glad that there were a little unusual breeds for this sport, f.e. whippets or japan chin. But they were really clever and cute ! As I say, dogdance is sport for every dog ! Thanks to all  participants with their dogs for a very nice day with lot of fun ! See you next time :-)


Today was held  Czech Dogdance Championship in Prague. Last time with four divisions, because from next year will be the main divisions only Heelwork to Music and Freestyle ( as in other countries ) and Musical Dressage and Dances with Dogs will be only additional. Brandy started in MD and HTM. And she won both of them ! Especially I´m proud of our Heelwork winning because it´s fifth winning in a row ( since 2008 ) !!! In Freestyle I participated only with Daisy. We have had a lot of demos in past three weeks, so I hesitate whether to start with her. But Dudun has turbo power and is still in action :-)  I´m very proud of her, because we won the Freestyle division !!!

So the results for 2012 :

Brandy is Czech Champion in Heelwrok to Music ( + in Musical Dressage)

Daisy is Czech Champion in Freestyle


This evening Daisy appeared in the TV series called Ordinace v růžové zahradě.


On Saturday 29 October in the Harlequin club, Prague, long-running contest Miss Billiard took place. Brandy and I were invited for a performance before the announcement of the winners, after the three-round competition to evaluate the ladies present. I found myself on the VIP panel so together with, among others, Zdeněk Podhůrský* and Petr Vondráček** I had to judge over forty hopefuls. Brandy had to be banned from the role of judge as she was found to be easily bribed with offers of ham or salami. To choose the BEST young lady was by no means easy, although, to my pleasure, my secret favourite ultimately triumphed. I often here that dog dancing is a woman's sport and of no interest to men, but this time I can say that more than a few men envied the point I had reached in the sport. And even though I enjoyed the role of billiards referee, I'll stick to judging dogs from now on :-)

*Czech presenter, musician and actor
**Czech presenter and musician

As I promised this also took place - On 3 November at the School of Dog Sports in Horní Počernice I once again sat in the referee's seat to judge an unofficial tournament - Freestyle Dog. Judging the 18 registered contestants wasn't easy and often individual positions were only separated by the minimum 0.25 points. I was pleasently surprised by the behaviour of the conestants, their greetings for the referees at the start and obeisance at the end of their routines which are clearly getting into the dog dancing public awareness. After the competition followed exams and thanks to our wonderful assistants I along with Petra Malá were able to judge the impressive 43 teams quickly and smoothly.

 Third time lucky - the following day Brandy and I got the chance to make an appearance before the closing of the Prague Expo Dog in Letňany. It must be added that I only found out about my participation the day before which accounts for the hurriedly chosen routine and music. The organization of the finale is more and more interesting each year, this time there was nobody left to present the programme so Lucka Smolíková honourably took on the role and introduced us. Just as well. I don't see why the organisers wanted a dog dancing demonstration and then made such a blunder. After the routine I was stopped by a lady who told me that I have great sense for music and how do I do it. I told her you have to sleep little, take Ibuprofen and listen to the music on the bus there. The lady looked horrified and ran off. Well, sometimes the truth hurts :-D

12. - 14.10.2012

I had the chance to walk the boards known to the whole world. If truth be told I wasn’t standing on a stage for the first time, but to perform in Prague’s national theatre was an honour and an exceptional experience. To work one’s way up to such a prestigious place is, after all, the aspiration of many actors. A production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet under the leadership of a Russian director involved a huge dose of creativity and aspects from the modern era, and for us a Russian language lesson . Among the innovative elements of the play was Hamlet’s bodyguard, incarnated by Karin and I and our four-legged partners- German shepherds Ally and Ari. That’s another reason to write about the play – I had the opportunity to prove my dog-handling skills in difficult surroundings. Ari honourably grappled with the extreme conditions, which, for a dog on stage, were undoubtedly daunting, and I didn’t forget about anything, which meant that every performance went by without any conflict between us. I’m going to miss Ari, which you might not expect to hear from a jittery stage manager . The Russian company has already made its way home, but playing in Hamlet was certainly an interesting experience.

- The schedule for the dog dancing seminar in Březolupy, which takes place on November 24, can be found HERE

28. - 30.9.2012

Slavia Prague’s arena hosted the European Musical Canine Freestyle Championships and we, of course, didn’t miss out. 93 teams from all over Europe and parts of Asia were registered in the competition. I only participated in the freestyle event with two dogs and so I sampled Saturday’s heelwork routines as a spectator – and, believe me, it was quite a spectacle! For us Sunday’s individual event was ill-fated – on home soil things didn’t go at all our way. Brandy competed in our routine ‘cops and robbers’, which she (unfortunately) knows very well, and so in the first round she jumped ahead of the drill making our performance appear unfocused. From my point of view a terrible showing. It’s a shame that Brandy ‘blew it’ on the European stage, but even so it was enough for us to advance to the last ten. On the other hand I was happy with Dudun*, for whom I had no great expectations, but who fought hard and qualified too! By the time the final began Brandy had already calmed down and our routine appeared much better, however, the judges awarded her roughly the same marks, (I don’t understand the reasoning. Didn’t they mark down her refusals, barking and other clear errors in the first round?). Dudun matched her first performance in spite of my worries that she would have worn herself out. In summary – Brandy 7th place, Daisy* 9th place and on top of that European team champions! Referees: Kath Hardman (UK), Andrea Rezková (CZ) and Carmen Meyer (DE).
 *Daisy and Dudun are two names for the same dog.


I led a canine freestyle seminar in Žďár nad Sázovou which, looking back, I would rate as one of my most laid back courses with a fantastic group of people. The Vysočina weather rather forced us into the clubhouse, but we still managed some great training. At the end I found myself with a bouquet of roses, champagne and the promise of a stripper at the next meeting :-D After we'd finished I still had some spare time so I stopped by to see Linda and her Australian puppies. Luckily I managed to resist, but I had a job to prevent myself going home with a little four-legged surprise :-D Three puppies are still available, including my favourite, Tanilba Bay, alias Táňa – further information at

-    I can never get enough of trips down the D1, so the day after I met with Lucka and Anička for an unofficial dance competition at Olomučany u Blanska with Lucka and me as judges. We saw new faces and great performances, and the judging, especially where beginners were concerned, was not at all easy. Overall it was a great event.
-    A seminar in Zlechov has been moved to next year. The date will be confirmed in the near future.


A three-year long pursuit from ČSMT came to a head this year. Their producer had been phoning me every other day. She phoned to Lucka to ask her if she would talk me into it. They were even planning to phone my mother about it!! Eventually, after, almost in tears, she phoned me again telling me that the manager, to whom she had shown my video, was going to fire her if I didn’t go on the show I gave in and agreed to do it. I agreed of course on my own terms. I would start in the second round at the Mahenova Theatre in Brno, a car with driver would pick me up, (I made the trip for the show from a camp in Hrádek), and my participation would be strictly voluntary and if I didn’t want to continue I wouldn’t have to. The production team requested two Chihuahuas. In the stifling heat that hung over the stage Roxy and Dudun performed wonderfully, Jaro Slávik, in his enthusiasm nearly blossomed into Léto :-D*, and I was eventually assured that I would not be forced to enter the next round, entitled ‘the Big Bang’. But in the end everything changed. Suddenly I found that I had to go to Lednice, where the Bing Bang was going to take place, and that the production team turned down my original idea, to take Brandy (?!), so in the end I could only take Roxy. What I experienced at Lednice is something I never want to go through again. I and the other poor souls were on our feet for 26 hours just waiting for something to happen. Anger changed into helplessness as I heard over and over that the filming was about to finish, (originally it was supposed to finish at 10p.m. but in fact it lasted until 4a.m.), and as they left all the contestants to stand in a frozen corridor at three in the morning while the film crew was being fed by the catering just feet away from me. And after all that the judges kindly put me out of the competition at about 4.30. I had the opportunity to see just what this kind of search for talent is all about. It’s first and foremost about carefully putting together a group of varied personalities which appeal to television, and I already had a tip for who the winner would be, not because I’m a prophetess, but because……hmm, have a guess. What they do at ČMST is disgusting. Ridiculing people who are mentally worn down and chosen like the most suitable to be spoken to in a way that humiliates them as much as possible. The worst are the masses that laugh at them sitting in front of their TV screens. Somebody comparable to Otík from “Vesnicko má Středičko”** can’t tell whether someone genuinely admires him or is making fun of him, and I think that if a television show is well edited it can be made into a ‘joke’ for people who enjoy laughing at idiots. I saw people who were invited to the stage just to be thrown out, and who were totally fooled by it. Nobody said anything untoward to me personally, though. In any case ČSMT was an experience for me, an experience that I would never ever repeat no matter how much I was offered. But in case you’re wondering that I was crying all the way through the two rounds  there were some lighter moments. Most people, including the presenters were nice, I was glad to have a partner to endure the whole marathon with me and the grounds of the castle are beautiful. But as I said, never more.
*This play on words cannot be translated into English. The first name of Slovak music producer and panellist on the programme, Jaro Slávik, means ‘spring’ in Czech and léto means ‘summer’.
**Otík is the main character of the 1985 Czech film “Vesnicko má Středičko” translated into English as “My Sweet Little Village”. The character is mentally retarded.


While school kids were enjoying the last day of their summer holidays, on Sunday 2 September we headed to Hrádek nad Nisou for the unofficial canine freestyle completion “Král Freestylu”. The specially added men’s category, which immediately attracted six competitors of the stronger sex, prolonged my life as a judge by a few years and wore out my midriff. The men tackled their lot admirably and I think they could take part in ‘normal’ competition without worries. See how the atmosphere affected the judges in the picture below.

-    A video of Brandy’s routine in Heelwork to Music at the 2012 World Championship added – HERE
-    An extensive photo gallery from the World Championships can be found – HERE
-    Dudun alias Fifinka will be appearing on television screens in autumn in “Ordinace v růžové zahradě“.* Dudun feels at home on the television set and utterly enjoys every moment. The make-up artists, on the other hand, have less fun since she’s currently moulting and a roller has had to be bought to keep the actors and actresses costumes free of fur :-)


Brandy and I took a ‘small’ trip to Zábřeh, Ostrava which was playing host to the first Australian Championships – that is, a tournament for Australian Shepherds. Brandy started in the highest category ZVV1, (obedience), where she put in a great performance, which this time I managed to ruin myself. As I’m prone to do, during the routine I managed a number of blunders. Instead of a 650-gram wooden dumbbell for fetch I brought our orange weight, (luckily the kind-hearted competition lent us a dumbbell), and during the agility trial I stood waiting until the A-frame would ease up and not be too steep. Obviously I was thinking of a different exercise….ehm. So poor Brandy was left to attempt such a sharp angle for the very first time right in the middle of a competitive event. The whole crowd held its breath as she clambered over it :-D Besides the points at the obstacle course we didn’t incur any further penalties which earned us a fantastic second place. On Sunday I was pleasantly surprised by Brandy’s three perfect runs in the advanced category. All in all we enjoyed a wonderful weekend and I met some lovely new dog owners. The competition organisers deserve many thanks.


In exactly one month, 15 September, a musical freestyle seminar is scheduled in Žďár nad Sázovou. Interested parties can contact the organiser at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
-    Due to demand it is now possible to organise canine freestyle training in Prague. It concerns individual lessons, the type of which can be agreed upon, (training elements, choreography, and preparation for exams). I won’t be regularly available so please contact me by e-mail.
-    For some time now the calendar of events has served as a record of places we have been and are going to be. Those who are worried about my literary gems from my travels needn’t despair. They will still be available in the top right-hand corner :-)
-    During the long weekend of 3-5 August Petra and I travelled to Slovakia where we first hosted a seminar and then served as panellists at a musical freestyle trial. Skilful dogs and owners took part, our host Adka was perfect and we could spend the hot days in the pool. The accommodation provided by the neighbours was also perfect.


On Tuesday I decided to enter the BH trial with Brandy. I read through the competition rules and on Friday we set off for a camp for rottweilers in ZKO Lomnice nad Popelkou where the exam conditions were in accordance with international rules. I had hoped that we'd get the chance to watch the earlier competitors performances in walking at heel, but naturally we were the very first to go....Brandy was given a “Pass” mark, (57/60 pts). One point was deducted for manoeuvrability on a lead and two more for my commands, (“This isn't an obedience test, young lady” :-X). Referee: Jaroslava Mikulecká.



Petra and I took five bitches to the German town of Ering for the 5th year of the international canine freestyle competition “International DD Nacht Turnier Ering. What's unusual about it is that it takes place at night – but even that didn't help us to arrive on time. Waiting for hours in tailback on the Czech side of the border summed up our dreadful journey to the event, already underway when we arrived. Petra with Megy won the Class 1 event, while Daisy and her 'cleaning lady' routine triumphed in Class 3!! She was the only one from my group to take part even though I took four in total. After that we stopped at my favourite hotel, Seehotel Moldan, which specialises in housing dogs. Everything here is adapted for our four-legged friends – in the picture below you can see a dogs' pool, (people are allowed too). On Sunday we participated in an agility competition, bathed the dogs and slowly made the journey back to the Czech Republic.


I moved on to a second camp, this time in Stará Paka. Once again I taught lessons in musical freestyle with Katka Veinlichová, while agility was taught by Petra Haspeklová who made our whole stay more fun with her wacky camp games. Also present was figurant Ota Laušman who Brandy really took a liking too. And before I forget, this first year was not without international participation. Besides two Austrian teams also in attendance was none other than Antonio Banderas, (click)! Pictures of the camp from various photographers can be found HERE.


30.6. - 7.7.2012

A training camp in agility and musical freestyle took place at Hrádek nad Nisou. I took care of the agility training whilst Lucka Smolíková took the helm for the dancing. It was an unusually interesting week full of adventurous events such as regular storms at night, (because of which we spent an interesting night, all of us in the clubhouse), a battle called a 'survival game', sharing communal showers and more, but in the end we overcame everything and I think this first event was a big success. Lucka and I were given a trip to the alps by the participants, so they can't have been complaining. The camp included our famous Lucky Dip (PHOTO), an unofficial agility contest, (PHOTO), and two trials, (PHOTO). I'd like to thank everyone once again for the wonderful atmosphere they created, special thanks to the Irgl family for their graphics services and to Petra Pražáková for the exclusive night in Krásná Lípá and beetroot juice tasting :-)). So how did things at the camp look? Look HERE!


The third annual unofficial canine freestyle event, the Hrádecký Tanečník, took place at Hrádek Nad Nisou. As with last year Lucka Smolíková and I took part as panellists and also gave a dog Frisbee demonstration. After the competition Brandy and I participated in a local obedience class for the first time in a while, and Roxy revealed a great talent in show jumping :-))

- An interview with me about musical canine freestyle and more, (in English), can be found in Dog Sport Mag which covers all major European events. Browse through the magazine HERE
- We're looking after a friend's Chihuahua, Eslin, with whom I had the chance to shoot a video of a few tricks : HERE



Qualifying for the European Heelwork to Music and Freestyle Championships, which take place in Prague at the end of September, were hosted at the TJ Balkán Praha arena. In qualification I only registered for the freestyle category with Brandy and Daisy. Because I didn't want to do three routines like at the World Championships I decided to take a break from heelwork this time, and I'm looking forward to spending a day purely as a spectator. After her success at the Worlds Roxy has a deserved break, and so this time the responsibility fell on Dudun's shoulders. More people than expected registered for Freestyle qualification so team competitors had to produce something exceptional in order to get a ticket to Prague. How did it end up? Brandy was first to go and took first place, Daisy made third place, and both, therefore, qualified for the championships! Referees: Petra Malá, Andrea Rezková, Lada Šípová-Krejčová.

Team for the 2012 European Championships: Freestyle

Vanda Gregorová & All That Brandy Gentle Mate, Australian Shepherd

Lucie Smolíková & A White Head Tender Flash

Vanda Gregorová & Anuška Vejvoda Dechristie, Chihuahua

Lenka Erlebachová & Chimney Sweep Aibara


An addition to the summer 2012 seminar schedule will take place in Slovakia where there will be qualification trials and an unofficial competition.
An update for registered participants for the camps in Nová Paka and Hrádek nad Nisou. The last few places are still available.
Roxy, Daisy, Brandy and Litchi each have a few new photos added to their respective photo galleries. These can be found under their individual profiles.
An advertisement for Sol beer which was filmed with Litchi at the beginning of May can be found HERE.


FCI World Championships of Heelwork to Music and Freestyle – From Thursday to Sunday we spent four wonderful days in Salzburg, Austria. Brandy, Roxy and I went to take place in the championships held during a world dog exhibition. Brandy pulled on the Czech colours in both categories, while Roxy only took part in freestyle. Following Thursday's training, heelwork to music started on Friday where Brandy occupied third place all the way through. The following day in freestyle we managed to take the top two places, Brandy first and Roxy second. During Sunday's final where the top ten teams from both categories competed again, the standings changed. Brandy held on for bronze in heelwork but in freestyle we were over taken by Thomas Thierry, though Roxy didn't relinquish second place. Overall:

Referee: Donelda Guy (UK). Head judges: Petra Malá (CZ), Emmy M. Simonsem (DK).

Brandy: Bronze medallist in Heelwork to Music

Brandy: Bronze medallist in Freestyle

Roxy: Runner-up in Freestyle

Czech Team: Freestyle World Champions

HTM Individual: 1. Thierry Thomas & Ubac (FR), 2. Katja Taminnen & Cabaroo (FIN), 3. Vanda Gregorová & Brandy (CZ)

Freestyle Individual: 1. Thierry Thomas & Ubac (FR), 2. Vanda Gregorová & Roxy (CZ) 3. Vanda Gregorová & Brandy (CZ).

HTM Teams: 1. Finland, 2. France, 3. Russia

Freestyle Teams: 1. Czech Republic, 2. Russia, 3. Belgium 

I don't think things could have gone better for us. I doubt I could've taken top place all three times. Altogether I had to take to the floor six times. My admiration goes to Brandy who, through it all, never showed a hint of tiredness and to Roxy too, who was dead on her feet on Sunday but both girls held on and didn't disappoint. Above all it was a phenomenal success for Roxy and Chihuahuas. Finally the world realised what they are capable of :-D. Thanks to a video of Roxy circulating on Youtube dozens of people have been writing to me and even Chihuahua clubs from across the globe have been in touch, so who knows? Maybe the next World Championships will see a boom of the little rats :-D
Roxy Freestyle video HERE, Brandy HERE, Photo gallery HERE, story will appear HERE.
I would also like to thank not least the Czech team for sticking together over the whole event, the Maršáls for their pleasant accommodation and service, and all our friends and well wishers for their congratulations.



At the weekend I was invited to Vysočina for a training weekend for short-haired collies where Brandy and I were in charge of musical freestyle instruction. I slightly underestimated the weather forecast and didn't think it would turn out too cold. But it did, and, thanks to a combination of the chilly climate and my not fully healthy throat I lost my voice for two days :-D. Even so we enjoyed the proceedings. Brandy of course isn't short-haired but I don't think she felt like the black sheep, and I met a host of great people. Everything was easy-going so it was a chance to relax. We barbecued sausages and chatted in the clubhouse....:). I hope that our seminar was useful and that we encouraged some of the talented short-haired dogs to take up the sport. I'd also like to thank Pepina and the whole Rašilovovic family for their round-the-clock service, accommodation, horse-riding and so on :)) Photos from the weekend can be viewed HERE and HERE and also a VIDEO here. At the beginning is a short improvised demonstration of musical freestyle. Photos below by Hana Outratová.

-    And on Sunday we had to leave the ranch, though I wished we didn't have to. Petra picked me up and managed not to lose her way in spite of my muddled navigating and so we continued smoothly on our way to Moravia and I could again enjoy my favourite race track the D1.... A dog dance trial was taking place in Heroltice u Tišnova where I was responsible for Freestyle and 'Dances with Dogs'. The start list consisted of 45 competitors and the failure rate was again very high, (results HERE). I would blame most likely a lack of knowledge of the competition rules :-(. In any case several hours spent sitting out in the cold really finished me off, so I can't speak but I'm still alive, (for now).....
-    The photo galleries of Roxy, Daisy, Brandy and Litchi have been updated. If you want to find out more look HERE


Last weekend was again for the dogs, Saturday being spent shooting an advertisement. The producer chose Litchi who soldiered on wonderfully in spite of the constant noise and the late night finish. The ad for Mexican beer Sol is destined for the South American market so Litchi's TV appearance will be seen by drug barons, Mayans and Esmeralda :-D

On Sunday, after a change to my schedule, I set off for Teplice where an unofficial musical freestyle competition, Roztančená Hvězda was taking place. I'd like to pass on my many thanks to the organisers for their perfect service and the smooth running of the event. I also had the opportunity to see some promising new faces. After the competition finished further trials were held where I was partially responsible for the judging. As company I had Brandy with me who carefully followed the proceedings and voiced her thorough enthusiasm for Teplice :)).


Photos from Brandy's appearance at Prague's Club Atlier, (locals may well know it better under its former, racier name – Prdel (Arse) :-)). Announcer Petr Zvěřin's setter stole the limelight from Brandy, but since Brandy knows very well that in Prague she belongs to the crème de la crème, she didn't take it to heart :))

And here's another photo from a different appearance, this time at Prague's Novoměstské radnice, again with Brandy, at an international journalists' convention. We had to specially prepare a performance from both visual and audio points of view. But that didn't pose a problem and I hope now that the journalists will add dog dancing to the traditional symbols of the Czech Republic along with beer, hockey and the outlines of Prague Castle :-D.

I hope to eventually add a recording of our routine from Crufts on my own Youtube channel, but because an unnamed person is not able to send me the video, you can at least view the video here below:



On 31 March the second annual Heelwork and Freestyle show took place at Sparta Prague's BC arena. Music from the 1980s or 90s was compulsory. Since I didn't have too much time to rehearse a new routine, I only registered Brandy in Heelwork. On the panel were Petra Malá, Andrea Rezková and pleasant Swiss referee, Claudia Moser. Brandy took first place by a wide margin. After the event I attended a referees' meeting and then dined at a restaurant with Claudia where I took the opportunity to chat about European musical canine freestyle...

Below are photos from a social event at the Cultural Centre in Cheb where I performed in musical freestyle with Daisy and Brandy. A wonderful audience followed our routines and overall we spent a great evening. Thanks to Anička for her company and psychological support on the deserted route to Cheb where we practically didn't see a single car. :o)

I have been invited to an agility and musical freestyle camp at ZKO Hrádek nad Nisou, which takes place between 30 June and 7 July. Besides my small contribution, (I wouldn't dare to teach agility :-) ), Lucka Smolíková will also be taking part. So far around half of the places are taken so interested parties can view the details HERE. As part of the camp will be two progress tests.


Last Sunday I participated in a musical freestyle contest and trials at the School of Dog Sports in Horní Počernice. During the unofficial event called 'Freestyle Dog' I was on the judges' panel with Petra Malá and again during the dog dance trials, which in the end I competed in. Roxy didn't disappoint and gained the mark 'Excellent' in the test MD3. She got her paws on another title as well, 'Master of Dog dancing A'. During the announcements of the final results Brandy didn't miss out, being given a luxury bed and other presents from the School of Dog Sports for our results at Crufts. On behalf of the DDCCR we were also thanked by Petra Malá. For filming our events thanks go to aunt Derežićovic, and for the photos M. Irglová and P. Maršál.   
Roxy – Musical Dressage trial 3. - (45/53 pts) – Excellent, and Master of Dog dancing A, video HERE


We're home from our trip to Birmingham in England where Brandy and I represented the Czech Republic in the International Freestyle competition at Crufts, which is among the biggest and most prestigious dog events in the world. From our first appearance at the event we came away with 3rd place, which I consider a huge success!! I'd like to thank all my friends and acquaintances for their support, cheering, good luck wishes and congratulations. Our sponsor was the company Royal Canin!!! To find out more click on the links below the photos.

Crufts International Freestyle Final

Referees : Richard Curtis (UK), Kath Hardman (UK), Michelle Dodson (UK )

1. Thierry Thomas & Ubac , FRANCE - 24.73 points

2. Heather Smith & Moonlight Magic Dancer , SCOTLAND – 24.73 points

3. Vanda Gregorová & All that Brandy Gentle Mate, CZECH REPUBLIC – 24.60 points
Details of our marks from individual referees:
 Referee     Content / Obsah     Accuracy / Přesnost     Interpretation / Interpretace
Michelle Dodson    9.00            9.20                 8.90
Richard Curtis         8.70             8.10                8.40
Kath Hardman          7.10             7.60                 6.80*
TOTAL         24.60 points
*I'm not in the habit of questioning the referees' decisions, but  Brandy and I were given the lowest score of the whole competition :-(((

Crufts - report z akce Crufts - video( začínáme 1 hod :11)

Crufts - fotogalerie Crufts - celkové výsledky


Last weekend was very demanding. On Saturday Lucka and I appeared at a children's carnival in Prague where, besides a dog dancing demonstration, children had the opportunity to be photographed with the dogs. I had with me Daisy who's very sociable and likes all kinds of people.

In the evening of the same day the award ceremony for Dog-handler of the Year 2011 took place at the U22 Bolek Polívka theatre, also in Prague. Brandy and I came in first in the musical freestyle category! Thanks to everyone who supported us. The evening was humorously conducted by the host Vladimír Kroc. The whole event was very pleasant. I met various friends there and I think that next year the organisers will put right the last few foresights, (e.g. The nonsensical number of categories in the ZKO section). The photos below are by V. Škarda.

On Sunday we then had to get up early and make the journey to Březolupy, a little town that lies between Zlín and Uherské Hradiště, (309km/192m from Prague), where a dog dancing seminar was being held. I had hoped to make up for the lack of sleep on the train but I was not destined for it :-)) The seminar consisted of 12 dogs, the most unusual being clumber spaniel, Vojta :-). I hope the event went well and the participants took away useful information. We'll be heading for Březolupy again in the autumn. Thanks to organiser Martina Mastilová who ran the event perfectly.

Don't forget to look at the seminar and courses section where planned events are listed!!!


Walkies with Kamila's dogs. Have a look at the Labrador, Baron, who will be 16 in May!


On Saturday Roxy danced at a dogs' ball in Liberec:


And during the week Lucka Smolíková and I visited the photo studio of Renata Hofmann who took some beautiful photos of us. The four-legged subjects were Angel, Daisy and Roxy. A selection of the pictures is HERE!


On 11 February the first canine freestyle event of the year entitled 'Super Dog Dance' took place at the School of Dog Sports in Prague. I had been looking forward to the competition and, even if I and my dogs didn't personally participate, I was able to enjoy the role of spectator. After the results were announced, (incidentally the announcements of the Dog dancing Team of the Year 2010 were finally announced, where Lucka and I were unanimously voted first), were dog trials, for part of which I was a panellist, (category F and HTM), but mostly I was planning to pass the final exam, which Brandy and I were missing to take the title of 'Champion of Dog dancing', (CoD), - DwD 3. A lot was being said about this test but nobody had really seen it done well which didn't help my composure because everyone was waiting to see what we could do and we would be the very last to perform. In my opinion DwD 3 is the most difficult, not only for the dog, but mostly for the dog handler. In any case, I survived three styles of dancing, but I'm certainly glad to have it behind me :-D. Brandy, though, passed the test with the mark 'Excellent' and became the second dog from the Czech Republic to take the title CoD. After, I also took part in the exam MD 3 with Roxy who had obviously got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning and made a mess of it, so we'll do it again next time. Finally I was delighted with Dudun who performed energetically and passed the DwD 2 exam with the grade 'Excellent'. The judges were Petra Malá and Andrea Rezková. My friends helped to make it a fun day and I'd like to thank them for a day well spent and for their congratulations.

Brandy – Exam Dances with Dogs 3, (94/99 pts), -Excellent, awarded title MoD D and Champion of Dog dancing! VIDEO
Daisy – Exam Dances with Dogs 2, (67/72 pts), - Excellent. VIDEO
FOTOGALERIE photos by Maršál



Litchi and I made our way to Brno on Saturday for an International Dog Exhibition. Because of the temperatures it seemed like we were in Siberia, not Moravia, but luckily the venue was well heated. Litchi made her debut in the youth category where she was judged by Ing. Leoš Jančík. She loved the circle, (maybe too much :-)) ). She received the mark 'Very promising' and the following assessment:

“9 month bitch, head correct, nose correct, scissor bite, body excellently erect, chest developing, moves well, lively, fur standard”.

I took the following photos while holding Litchi, so imagine the correct positioning :-D


On Friday Roxy and I had the opening dance at the tenth dog handlers' ball at the Avanti hotel, Brno.

Photos of Brandy and Australian Kelpies at Letné can be viewed HERE. Photos by Veronika Maryníková.


Brandy and I have been nominated in the poll for Dog Handler of the Year in the dog dancing category. You can cast your vote for us by clicking on the photo below. Thank you:

For those interested, I'd like to announce that a dog dancing seminar will take place on 4 March in Březolupy. More information HERE.


Today the number of visitors to our site reached 30,000. If the lucky thirty-thousandth visitor registers they will get a private musical freestyle lesson in Žižkov free!! :-D


Putting your enthusiasm into something is half the job.... On my site I traditionally review the previous year, but because I really don't feel like it I'll sum it up in a nutshell: In 2012 I attended a number of events both in the Czech Republic and abroad. De facto all of our home competitions were successes. In March, at the Heelwork and Freestyle Show, Brandy won Heelwork and Roxy Freestyle, in June Brandy and I qualified for this year's Crufts for the Czech Republic and later in the Czech Championships we won in every category we entered and Roxy was runner-up in Musical Dressage. Brandy also won foreign competitions in Austria and in Dachau, Germany. I successfully completed five exams of the highest levels, Daisy completed Freestyle 2, Roxy Musical Dressage 2, Freestyle 2, Dances with Dogs 2 and freestyle 3 all with the grade 'Excellent'. Brandy also won one obedience competition, (ZZO), and one Dog Frisbee contest, (Brno Dogs' Day). The Chihuahuas didn't laze around in the media. This year you'll see them in the series “Špačkovi v Síti Času“, they filmed a report for “Prima Víkend” and for TV Metropol. Throughout the year I gave various demonstrations with all the dogs. We danced in schools, circuses, at proms, at a dog Frisbee championship, at company dinners with Mr Korn, (a Czech singer and actor), :o)), in the Národní Dům for the company Royal Canin, and at the end of the year, again on business, Brandy appeared on New Year's Eve at the Crown Plaza hotel the formerly famous Internacionál from the film “Pelíšky“, (a 1999 Czech film). I hosted several seminars across the country and abroad, (in Slovakia, France and Germany), - I hope that I've managed to make other people dog dancing crazy :). I judged two unofficial competitions and several exams, and last but not least I got a new Chihuahua, Litchi, and I also exercised some of my skills outside the world of dog handling, but that's another story :).

At the same time we had some bad luck, my participation in the European Championships was thwarted at the last minute by a car breakdown, and once I wanted to give it up altogether because there were some demanding moments and I'm a nervous wreck :)).
It's hard to say what to wish for 2012. I don't make resolutions or false promises that are easy to say but hard to fulfil. How it turns out and whether or not our 'five-year plan' was a success will be known in a year :-)
A video of Litchi at six months is available HERE.

Roxy - Czech Dog Frisbee Championships, Nymburk, Brandy – Circus Jung, Daisy MŠ open day, and just for fun :)